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The Khimprom chemical production facility in Novocheboksarsk (Chuvash Republic) is to be the site for the manufacture of glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide in the world.
Russian Orgsyntes invests more in major glyphosate intermediates
After announcing its plan to build first glyphosate factory in Russia last month, Orgsyntes, a division of Renova group, recently disclosed that an experts’ working group of the company had visited a big chemical company in China to get to know the production technology of glyphosate.
В Чувашия ще произвеждат глифозат
През 2014 г. ще продължи работата на специалистите на ЗАО „Группа Оргсинтез” по производството на глифозат - най-търсения в света хербицид за борба с плевелите. Работна група от специалисти на компанията е посетила най-голямата химическа компания в Китай, за да се запознае с технологията на производство на глифозат.
Look Out, Russia! Glyphosate Resistance Heading Your WayPass
Remember the glory days when Roundup Ready weed control became our new best friend? Wasn’t that just like, yesterday?
For a rather brief and golden time the business of farming took on a mentality of “What, me worry? I’ll just hit that sucker with Roundup.”
CJSC Orgsyntes Group to Invest over $280ML in MDI
CJSC Orgsyntes Group is introducing a project for the production of Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) with an output capacity of 100 ktpa in their Novocheboksarsk plant, OJSC Khimprom.
| Daily
CJSC Orgsyntes Group to Invest over $280ML in MDI Production
The proposed project for the production of MDI consists of the additional production of several new products such as nitrobenzene (100 ktpa), aniline (75 ktpa), formalin (from methanol) (40 ktpa), as well as carbon monoxide and hydrogen from the steam reforming of methane.
| The Moscow Times
Renova Group Plans $150M Expansion into Herbicides
Orgsyntes, a division of billionaire Viktor Vekselberg's Renova group, plans to invest between $100 million and $150 million in building a factory for the production of glyphosate, thus becoming the first domestic manufacturer for the agricultural herbicide, Vedomosti reported.
Renova Plans Russia’s First Glyphosate Factory
Renova group plans to build Russia’s first glyphosate production factory, the Moscow Times reports. Moscow-based CJSC Orgsyntes Group, a division of Renova, plans to invest between $100 and $150 million in the project and complete the facility by 2017.