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Himprom is about to Lease Novocheboksarsk's CHP-3 power plant from PJSC T Plus

PJSC T Plus and PJSC Himprom are to implement a deal aimed at leasing the property complex at the Novocheboksarsk's CHP-3 that belongs to T Plus, as of February 1, 2018, after completing all the necessary corporate procedures.
As a result of the deal's implementation Himprom will be able to work out the best possible power supply layout for its industrial capacities and to avoid incurring into  capital expenses required to build its own source of electric and thermal power. T Plus is to retain the responsibility for nonstop functioning of the power plant as a regeneration object remaining its operator and manager of relationship of the Novocheboksarsk CHP-3's contractors on energy markets. The task of regular maintenance within the limits of Novocheboksarsk is to be carried by T Plus company.
The implementation of the deal will not entail the reduction of operating staff of either side nor any other adversary social consequences. Neither it will entail any additional costs: that will be taken into account at tariff rates setting.
The deal in point will not impair reliability of the heat supply to the T Plus.
CHP 3 is the only major source of heat supply in Novocheboksarsk. It was put into operation on December 31 of 1965.

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